commander-in-chief is it important for the president?


-Alex Tedone

Well the commander-in-chief is really all talking about how the president makes military decisions so the military is better than it was before. Really what it is, its supporting the military and trying to make the military work. The reasons that I am about to state does matter for the president because he has to send out troops when the president whats them to go into battle. This is all hard work the president does everyday so let me tell you a couple of things why this is important to the president.

The first reason why this role is important for the president because he needs to make the decisions himself. This is true because when the president is making these decisions it matters to the soldiers who are going to risk theirs lives for the country. Also on making these decisions its hard to do so. Like when something is about to happen and the army needs to defend the country the president has to decide if he wants to fight it or try to make friends with the enemy. If you or anyone else think this role for the president is important well you would be right for sure.

I would really give the president a B on this role. I reall do think this way because its true would listen to a person who is worthy and that we can trust so that preson can makt the right decision. Another reason I feel this way is because we just don’t need the armies ad vice for the war we need the president to make the decision and he or she would let are country know that ” You can trust me America.” That is the way I feel that the president should have this role in honor so we can trust him.




50 Shades of Obama

Obama has many jobs as the president that he needs to do. When doing the jobs the president should be persistent, respectful (of the people’s needs), independent , disciplined, and enthusiastic. They are each important in their own individual way, and this is the analysis of how we think the president is doing.


Obama, the Protector of Peace?     By: Charlotte Davis

One of the roles of the president is to be the protector of peace. A good protector of peace protects people in times of emergency like natural disasters and terror attacks. What has Obama been up to?

Obama visited people who were affected by a recent natural disaster, hurricane Sandy. This is a good example of Obama being the protector of peace because hurricane Sandy hurt many people and was a real time of emergency for them.






There have been many winter storms, and a very recent one was winter storm Alfred. President Obama issued a major disaster declaration. He issued the declaration 13 days before the storm helping many communities recover from this disaster.

On September 11, 2012, four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya due to terrorist attacks. Obama and many administration officials informed the  citizens United States that these deaths were due to an internet video that upset the Libyans. President Obama did not handle this situation in a way that protected U.S. citizens.

I give president Obama as the protector of peace a C due to his poor handling of the deaths in Benghazi, Libya. The protector of peace should bring peace to all U.S. citizens, even if they are overseas.


Obama, Chief of State?                        by: Ashley Cioto

The chief of state is supposed to be the ceremonial leader. The president is suppose to continue traditions. But is it really that important? Should the president stop his job of being Commander-in Chief to welcome a baseball team to the white house? Well think about it this way, are the traditions your family has important to you? Americas traditions are also.

Here is an example of the president being

at a base-ball game. This is an example
because he is starting the game off byshowing he cares about the team.

Chief of Party. He is throwing the first pitch CLICK ON THIS

This video shows president Obama pardoning a turkey to not get eaten.This is a tradition that has been going on many years. It is a good example because here is Obama at it again, he is showing pride for more of the traditions of the USA. In the constitution it says that the president has the right to give a pardon.

This is a picture of the president announcing the start of the easter egg roll. He is hosting an easter ceremony. Here he is showing more contributing of chief of state by announcing to the eager kiddes that the easter egg roll will soon begin.

I think that president Barack Obama should get an A being chief of state because he correctly does the job and show enthusiasm and humor while accomplishing his task.just look at while he pardoned the turkey.  He clearly does his job and makes other people happy while he does it


Commander-in-Chief  or not?    By: Emily Harris

A commander-in-chief’s job is to be there during wars, telling the military what to do next. He is supposed to know which unit is to be deployed next. He is supposed to have a strategy on where the troops go, where they are supposed to stay, what they are supposed to do.

In this picture, Obama is talking with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and members of the National Security Team. They are talking about the military. They are discussing mission updates on the mission to capture Osama Bin Ladin This shows Obama in his line of action.

In this picture, Obama is talking to the troops at the Military Academy in West Point on December 1, 2009. He is telling them his plan outlines to station 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan. He also is telling them that he has decided to transition the U.S. forces out of that country.

 According to this article, Obama planned to cut off funding to the troops. This seems like such a very rude and irresponsible, and I fully agree. It is much more in depth though. He had planned to veto the bill in 2011 that would protect their pay for the rest of the year.

Over all, I give Obama a B as a commander-in-chief. He could have done a lot worse in hurting of not paying attention to the troops. But he still has that one grade he needs to higher up in.


In conclusion President Obama gets an overall grade of a B. As protector of peace he gets a C, in chief of state he gets an A, and in commander in chief he gets a B. He is a prideful chief of state, but an”average” protector of peace. however it is important to protect the peace throughout the world no matter what.

You don’t want a B president, you want an A president! Vote Cookie Muncher (no relation to cookie monster) for president! Cookie Delicious! Cookie Muncher’s Campaign Video


Chief of State: B- By Andrew Fogil

Obama can be great Chief of State because at the ceremonies he shows why we should be very respectful at these moments. He tries to understand and tell the people how he and the nation feel about the moments that were sad and happy the reasons why, I, graded him a B-.

The Thanksgiving Day was a moment when, Abraham Lincoln told his son that he could keep the Thanksgiving Day turkey as a friend and then not to eat it on Thanksgiving Day. This annual thing is still going on throughout the completely time a president is office and Obama is the one who wanted to show this as the president or the Chief of State as we would like to call him.

This year, President Obama celebrates this year’s 200th anniversary at the Veterans Day ceremony of the war of 1812 until now. This will be past down for all the presidents. The example of him being the Chief of state is that he shows that he cares for our troops, but really doesn’t want to withdraw our troops back cause they might loose the battle, but we want to remember all those at the moments our men fought in the battles and died to protect our freedom.

The president had lunch with Mitt Romney to show gratitude as a peace way between the governor of Massachusetts and the president while they had lunch Mitt congratulated Obama on his winning 2nd term for president and luck to the next 4 more years he has in office. This was a thanks to reseal the gap that they had during the election.

The grade I gave Obama was to show that most of the time he really didn’t have to show up at everything. The grade was to not be mean and nice to him, but show that nothing that you want to do, don’t do a lot of it when you want to pitch the first ball at the baseball game or go everywhere to show that you want support.

Commander-in Chief- C- By Sean Villeneuve

For the purpose of this experiment I looked at the information I was gaining from an independent point of view. From this information I could conclude that Barek Obama is a slightly bbelow average commander in chief.

In this picture obama is giving a speech to troops in service in Iraq.

This article talks about the problems with how barak obama fulfills his roll as commander-in-chief

This video  shows Barak Obama informing the country of the death of the terrorist Osama Bin Laden

In, conclusion, I belive that Obama is a slightly below average commander in chief, but not terrible. There is definitley more room for improvement in his role, but he is doing an adequate job.

Manager of the Prosperity- by Zachary Webber

The Manager of Prosperity is basically the person who controls the economy. He is in charge of tax rates, unemployment and meets with business leaders. Also they are ultimately blamed for drops in economy and the one who is praised for rises in the economy. Basically, the Manager of Prosperity’s job is to keep the economy running smoothly and care for those who are unemployed. This is one of the many jobs the president has to manage throughout his busy schedule.

In the video, it shows President Obama signing a bill to pass tax relief, grow the economy, thus growing the number of job employments in the U.S. This is how the president should act as the Manager of Prosperity and has fulfilled this title by doing so.

In this graph it show how the creation of jobs has gone up since the time Obama was president in 2009. Obama has increased the job employment dramatically from -839,000 job to a peak of 315,000 jobs over time. This proves that President has been increasing jobs as he should.

This article explains a very long and elaborate plan President Obama and, Vice President, Joe Biden, have planned for the United States. Its says here that they would like to create good jobs, provide relief for families, and to respond to the financial crisis we have today with all the resources they have to their use. As the Manager of Prosperity, this is how they should behave in terms of taxes, Jobs and business.

Overall I believe that President Obama deserves an A-. I believe that he deserves the “A” because he has created jobs in the U.S., signed bills to make tax relief, and plans to help families in need. I believe that he deserves the “-” because these plans are over a great span of years and I believe Obama could have sped up the process so it wouldn’t have taken so long.

Chief Legistor- B+ by Abbie Major


Being Chief Legistor is a great honor to have and a hard job to have because your in charge of passing, vetoing , and sign bills to pass through to the public. President Obama does a great job number 1 explaining the bill and two, and why it needs to be passed and there for making the public know what’s going on. This makes the public aware of what is going on. Like in what’s in this video explaining how he sees the bill and what’s the cause of this bill and what would happen when the law is passed.


In this video Presient Obama explains the reasons why this bill should be passed and why the bill needs to be looked over be passed and why the bill needs to be looked over be the congress over and over again. He brings up the importants of the bill and why it needs to be passed as soon as possible.


I believe the president deserves a b+ over all because although hes a great president theres some mistakes that have occurred over the years . Through out all its been a great honor to have president obama in our lifes. With all he does for his job, he has a lot on his pate to do. One thing he could work on is his corny jokes. Like in the first video he says and I quote” Now everyone sit down ( looks to the people behind him) of course you cant sit down we need you ( laughs )” its little corny jokes that aren’t really too funny, just kinda obnoxious. These is the reason I don’t give him a perfect score of a or a+.



Interrogation of Sir Barack Obama.

We, students of EMS have researched some of the jobs of the president then have graded how well he reaches the expectations that our country has on his job. These are our results, for YOU!


Blanche Gorham

Manager of Prosperity

The manager of prosperity job is to serve as the economic leader of our country. He’s concerned with business profits, unemployment, economic advisers, and encourages congress to make laws that help the economy.  If it has to do with money, the president is all over it. Being the manager of prosperity is a big job, one of the most important to keep our country running. If our president were failing when it came to economy…honestly, I wouldn’t even want to know what America would be like, much less live here! Succeeding at being manager of prosperity verses achieving what you need to do for a presidential job like oh I don’t know, Chief-of-state. Being the economic leader of all our 50 states is way more important and much crucial than chief-of-state events.

When many American citizens lost their jobs, Obama knew that something needed to happen to save the pain and poverty of millions of Americans. Therefore, he proposed a tax credits to companies so that they’ll hire more employees and bring more jobs to the US. Since this caused our country to go into huge debt, he pulled of tax cuts for 60 million Americans and had the million and billionaires pay just a little more money so we can get back on our feet at a balanced rate. Additionally, the tax cut that our president wanted to extend cut an average American’s taxes down about 1000$! Since we are talking about extending things, Obama wanted to extend the unemployment period so that the unfortunate citizens who lost their jobs and are now unemployed wont go into big poverty while searching for a job.

Obama also proposed a Trade Enforcement Unit so we know that all the other countries are being fair when we trade with them. He accused China of pampering allowances on their own companies and not doing enough to stop the replication of American products. The reasoning for that is to protect his country.

I give Barack Obama an A as a grade for being manager of prosperity. I give him an A because he is fair when it comes to taxes he knows that the not so wealthy need a tax cut because of the bad economy that we went through. So he’s asking the wealthy to pay a little more so it’ll be fair. The wealthy might disagree, but when you look at it percentage wise the citizens that have more money, should be paying a little more towards our country so we can keep it agreeable. Also I think that Obama deserves an A because he also shows that he cares for the people who are struggling. For example he wants to extend unemployment so the people that are out looking a place to work so that they don’t need to rush and accept a job that isn’t good for them. By extending the time of unemployment it shows that he wants the US citizens to find the right job for them so that they’ll be happy with their life. Not wake up every morning and being miserable because of work.

 Here are some videos and websites I found that says this information. (I forgot to copy some of the websites)


Here is an article I read about Obama’s trade plan.

“(Reuters) – President Barack Obama, following through on a promise to beef up enforcement of trade agreements, on Tuesday will sign an executive order creating a new government team to make sure China and others play by the rules, the White House said.

The move comes as Obama has faced criticism from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his handling of China and the U.S. trade deficit with the world’s second largest economy has soared to record $295.5 billion in 2011.

In addition, two new reports on Tuesday raise concerns about state-supported competition from China and call for the United States to take a variety of steps to respond.

Obama outlined his plan to create a new Interagency Trade Enforcement Unit (ITEC) in his annual State of the Union speech last month to Congress.

He took particular aim at China, which he accused of lavishing subsidies on its companies and not doing enough to stop counterfeiting of American goods.

The White House earlier this month proposed spending $26 million dollars to hire 50 to 60 new people to help crack down on unfair foreign trade practices.

The executive order to be signed on Tuesday directs U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to select a director to lead the new unit, with a deputy director chosen by U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

“The ITEC will be supported by the Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Justice, State and the Treasury, as well as the Intelligence Community,” a White House official said.

Romney, who has struggled recently to hold onto his front-runner status in Republican presidential primaries, has criticized Obama for not doing more to “crack down on China for stealing jobs” and promised to get tough with China over its currency practices if elected president.

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a Washington think tank, in a new report on Tuesday accused China of using currency manipulation, subsidies, tariffs, forced technology transfers, export restrictions, standard setting and other policies to gain an “absolute advantage” for its companies in a wide array of industries.

“While virtually all governments have crafted economic development policies to boost competitive advantage, China has developed the most comprehensive set of policies, with most of them violating the spirit, if not the letter of the law of the WTO,” the report said. “It’s time to say ‘enough is enough’.”

It recommended overcoming the concern many companies have that filing a WTO case will trigger Chinese retaliation “by making it national policy that USTR will bring cases whenever U.S. interests are being hurt through trade rule violations, even if U.S. companies don’t want them to proceed.”

It also called for a tax credit to help companies pay for WTO cases and urged the United States to “build a global free-trade coalition” with the European Union, Canada, AustraliaJapan and others to push back against China.

A second report by the office of Senator Ron Wyden warned that the United States is “losing the environmental goods economy to China” because of Beijing’s aggressive push to promote its wind, solar and other renewable technology sectors.

“The (global trading) system breaks down when the world’s participants fail to abide by its rules. That is especially true when the country that appears to be breaking the rules has the world’s second largest economy,” Wyden’s office said.

Along with tougher enforcement of trade agreements, the United States needs vigorous government polices to support production of environmentally friendly goods, the report said.

(Reporting By Doug Palmer; editing by Todd Eastham)”


Valerie Sara Courtemanche


The President of the United States has to be very responsible and organized in order to survive the job that they have, because it isn’t really only one job. In reality, it is many different roles rolled into one. One of these roles is that of the chief legislator, who is the main influence on Congress. The chief legislator is the role where the President has the power to sign bills into law, or veto and deny them. The chief legislator can also stress or pressure for a certain bill to be passed if they really care about it. It is a very important role, and cannot be taken lightly. This is because not many realize that in the president’s hands, already nearly full with the other responsibilities and expectations hand-packaged, and not sold separately, with the job of being President, is the pen that will precariously write the unique, curly, signature, in black or blue ink, that may very well change the way our country runs, for better or for worse.

In this article, it tells how Obama signed a $105 billion transportation bill, or the highway bill. Being the chief legislator, his signing this bill brought an end to a three-year fight over road and transit spending. He did this also in hope to bring more construction workers back to work and to get some new projects done. This shows how seriously Obama takes his job as chief legislator, as he is not just going around and signing random bills like a paper-pusher day-in and day-out, he’s actually taking into account what the bill states within it and what it will do for the condition of our country.

In this next article, Obama has signed a Veterans’ Aid bill, to improve veterans’ health care and help homeless veterans. This would also show how Obama is fulfilling his job of being chief legislator because it shows that he not only cares about the state of our economy, but also how much he cares and is grateful for those who are, or who are not currently, risking their lives to protect our country.

In the next article, here, Obama has done the other part of his job as chief legislator, and vetoed the measure to speed foreclosures, which would have made it easier for courts to clear foreclosures. This shows that while it would have been easier to clear foreclosures, Obama probably wanted to make sure that it was really okay to foreclose the house, and not make a mistake in the process.

In this next video, Obama signs the Tax Cut and Unemployment Benefits Bill, which extends all of the tax cuts from when Bush was President by two years, and extends all unemployment benefits for one year. This is also another example of a good chief legislator because it shows Obama is focused on getting our country’s economy back on track little by little. And the video also shows Obama explaining how important compromise is when creating a bill, and how he admitted how there were things in the bill that he didn’t like. To me, it seems like he’s really doing his job when he admits things like that instead of lying to the country and flat-out saying that he loved everything about the bill and how awesome it was.

Not all of these signings are taken as fine and dandy, though, as Obama has signed the very controversial National Defense Authorization Act, despite threatening to veto it beforehand because of things in the bill in which he didn’t like, as seen in the next article and video, which includes indefinite detention of terrorism suspects, even US citizens in its form before being finalized, without trial. This, for some people, crosses the boundaries of the Constitution.

In all, I would probably give the President a B+ for all of his work as our chief legislator. While he has passed some bills that have a lot, at least some, of potential of helping our country’s welfare and economy, he has passed some bills that may prove to help contribute very slightly to our downfall or some that seem a little controversial to our rights in this country, as such stated in the Constitution


Paul Guglietta

Commander in Chief

Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief in the United States of America. The Commander in Chief is like the top general. He makes all of the important military decisions. An example of this is in October 2009; Barak Obama had to decide to send more troops to the war in Iraq. Some other jobs the Commander in Chief has are…

  • Talking to other generals of the military to get updates on the troops
  • Predict some of Afghanistan’s next moves
  • Send weapons like guns and grenades to the war
  • Send food to the war
  • Manage our moves to destroy Afghanistan

I have looked at an article that describes the evaluation of Obama’s role as being the Commander in Chief. Even though he was never a soldier personally he wanted to learn the job from the ground up.

I have also looked up a video on Obama turning from the president right into one of his other jobs, being the Commander in Chief during the time of Hurricane Sandy.

I finally have a second video but this video will talk about how Obama says that by the end of 2011, the war in Iraq will be over.

I would give Obama an A+ for his job as being Commander in Chief. I would give him this grade because he has ended a war for us and he is handling the one we are battling in now pretty well. He is a man of his words saying in a video I once saw that had Obama saying that the Iraq war would end by the birth of 2012. I also believe that every time his duty is called for Commander in Chief, HE, WILL, BE THERE!!!!


Luke Moffitt

Protector of the Peace:

 The president has many important jobs.  One of them is protector of the peace.  Basically, the president has to give advice about what to do in dangerous times. .  As the president, Obama has to inform people of natural disasters or in times of regular disasters, like 9-11. It gives the people the feeling that even the president is in the situation.  Imagine you lost a loved one and you were depressed, then the president gives a speech about how sorry he is of all the lost people, you would be happy that a figure that powerful gave a speech about what happened to your loved one

I found this picture of Obama shaking a workers hand thanking him for his work by helping community.  This shows Obama cares about the safety of other people. I think that the worker would be proud of himself and his co-workers.  Obama is doing his job as protector of the peace.

I found this video of Obama taking of relief efforts. Obama talks about hurricane sandy at Green bay, Wisconsin.  Obama did a good job in warning them in what is to come.   He did his job by at least talking to the public about it.  How would people feel if a disaster struck and the president didn’t say anything about it, people would start second guessing that he should be president. I think that he did a good job of being protector of the peace in this video.

Obama talks about FEMA (federal emergency management agency) and how to prepare for the upcoming storm.  Obama made sure that the storm was not a joke and you should take action depending on what your state recommends.  Obama gives news about the storm and assures people to be serious about it. If I were the president then I would be in the white house hunkering down and preparing for the storm. I think this goes to show Obama did a good doing his job because of this.

Overall, I think Obama did a reasonable job as the Protector of the peace, considering the fact that he has eight other jobs.  The reason I gave Obama a B was he sounded like he was just giving a speech, like he just did his job.  I would probably be nervous on national television but he has already been on TV a lot.  He sounded like someone else wrote the speech for him.  But I gave him a B because they were reassuring speeches that I believe would comfort those in troubled times.


Overall,the average grade our group gave the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, would be an A-. Obama does a good job most of the time, a great job sometimes, but he is human, like all of us, and has the capability to mess up sometimes, as we humans are not perfect. So, he has made some good choices for the country, and some not-so-good ones, but in the end, he’s pretty good at his job.

Thank you! (:

Blanche Gorham

Valerie Courtemanche

Paul Guglietta

Luke Moffitt

Group Rating Obama

As a group, we have rated president Barack Obama on some of his duties as the president. These roles are Manager of the Prosperity, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator and finally Protector of the Peace.

Manager of the Prosperity- B+

Reviewed By: Alex Bruno

This job is mostly about keeping the economy intact. This includes the important things such as passing laws or creating laws to be approved involving improving the economy in some sort of way. Without this job, many people would be without jobs. I feel that Obama is pretty good at this role, but he could be a lot better.

In this video, Obama talks about plans for fixing the economy, mentions a law he sent over to congress. He wishes for businesses to get more funding to keep working effectively. He also mentions hoping for veterans to be given jobs, as well as those qualified for teaching to be allowed to teach so that students get the best possible education.

In this video, Obama describes a law he plans to send over to congress for passing. This law mentions things such as teachers given extra payment to keep working to make students have a better education. This law will help war veterans get jobs easily. This law will keep cops ready to protect, and firefighters prepared at all times. Road workers will get funding to build and fix roads, as well as renovating schools.

In this video, Obama describes plans he has about fixing the economy, working on making it so that banks start lending money so that businesses can pick themselves back up, and getting people back to work. He plans to try to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Overall, I would give Obama a B+ in Manager of the Prosperity. I wish that at some points he had been a little more specific with his plans, or had put these plans into effect sooner, or strived to prevent as much of this as possible. He does well in showing his sincerity to this role, and is acting as such.

Commander-In-Chief:- B+

Reviewed By: Owen Kloter

The president’s job as the commander in chief is to make all military decisions.  Seems simple right?  Wrong.  For example, the president chooses when to deploy troops or bring them home.  He also says what areas to attack and when to attack them.  The president creates all the strategies for the US military.  Say there was a “rumor” that Iraq was going to attempt to execute an attack on the U.S. military base in Iraq, the president would need send more troops to support and protect the base.  He would also come up with strategy to defend this attack (if one were to happen this would be the president’s expectations).

This picture shows Obama greeting the soldiers who have returned from their service in the U.S. military.  This shows him doing his duties of commander in chief because he brought these soldiers home from Iraq.  Obama saw the war dying down so he decided to bring the soldiers home.  For some it is the most joyful time in their life.  Others have to deal with post traumatic stress disorder, but the president can’t do anything about that.

This article tells what Obama’s security plan is for the next terror attack.  This represents the president as commander in chief because he would have to make a strategy of defense or security then call troops to support this security (article).  Obama is doing a good job of preparing for another traumatic event like a terrorist attack.  I’m sure; much like 9/11 an event like another terrorist attack would cause too much emotional damage, more than we can handle, so much, in fact that it would be beyond repair.  Luckily, the president will try as best he can to help protect our nation. video shows all the operations Obama has set up recently and tells all about his private attacks he has made on certain areas.  Obama is extremely aggressive in this territory.  Although he seems like a stereotypical liberal and he still has wound down the war in Iraq, he increased the attacking in the more secretive wars.  The video explicitly states that Obama has dramatically increased the amount of CIA covert operations around the world and has planned cyber war attacks on areas.  This really shows the president doing his duties because he is doing everything in his power to protect our country, as well as to send troops or agents or whatever their professional titles are to fight for it.


In conclusion, I advocate that President Barack Obama rightfully deserves a solid B+for his commander in chief duties.  I believe that Obama stays very involved in playing the role as the commander in chief and he aggressively negotiates his plans, strategies, and ideas and has these plans, strategies, and ideas attempted whether it’d be an attack of some sort or I would be possible it would be more of a defensive strategy.  The president brought troops from Iraq which made families and the soldiers very happy at the very least.  He caused the war to die down in Iraq but he secretly planned attacks on certain areas using drones.  As said before Obama worked to enhance CIA covert operations around the world.  Some choices like these were risky, not reckless which leads him away from perfection because one bad choice could mean the most for many or inflict more emotional pain on people today.

Chief Legislator-B+

Reviewed By: Tyriek Noel

The chief legislator is one of the many things that the president does he does not have to do it but he chooses to do so he does not have any control on if a law is actually passed but he can suggest or pressure congress in to passing it. He can sing a bill to become a law or he can veto it to not become a law. He will also update congress on the state of our country every year.

This article is basically saying that obama is a better chief legislator then he is president they are saying that the only thing he should be focused on is the economy!! So hes saying that besides the econmey we have no promlems I think not I think obama is doing a grate job suggesting laws to congress such as obama care.

 This is a picture of the signature for the obamacare bill I think this is a prime example of obama being a good chife legislator this will give most if not all Americans healthcare.

This is a link to one of the most important things the president does at chife legislator he adreeses all of us to tell us the state of our country this keeps us normal people up to date on what is going on in our country.

If I had to grade obama on how he is doing at chife legslaotr I would give him a b+ I say this because he is doing a great job on keeping us up to date and saying laws we want passed but as it says in that article he should focous on other things besides obamacare because I feel he fosues on that heavyly.

Olivia Ledoux Protector of Peace-B+

President Obama has a lot of reasonability’s, one of which is acting as Protector of the Peace. Some of the things that he has to do as Protector of the Peace are to go to major emergencies such as hurricane Sandy, the Swine flu, and war. The Protector of the Peace’s job is to go the problems that are happening in the country or problems that affect our country. If a war was starting up somewhere the President would go to that and manage the situation for America. President Obama acts as Protector of the Peace every day during his presidency, and there are countless examples of this.

During the Swine Flu patients who were uninfected by the disease were getting sick at the hospitals because infected patients were in the same environment as them. President Obama declared the Swine Flu a national emergency, allowing the chief to set up off-site emergency rooms and alternative ways to reach help if you had the disease. This kept uninfected patients safe from getting the disease at hospitals. The declaration was signed over one night and announced the next day to the public. President Obama said around 120 million doses of the Swine Flu vaccine would be available the middle of that month. This is a great example of what the Protector of Piece is supposed to do, because he settled the public’s fears about this disease and helped things start to get better.                   President Obama can also act as Protector of the Peace by protecting our country against other countries if he see’s a threat. An example of this is Obama declaring war on Iran because he felt like our country was threatened by them. On February 5th, 2012, Obama invoked the NDAA, who authorize the use of military force. They also issue an exclusive order declaring threat of Iran a national emergency. President Obama declared Iran’s threat to cut off oil supplies a national emergency. This exclusive order told all government agencies that they needed to respond immediately to the threat. This gives the president the power to launch military action against any nation without the approval of congress because it was an emergency.

Hurricane Sandy is a current event that has been a horrible tragedy in the east coast that Obama has acted as Protector of the Peace in. Obama recently went to New York to attend a speaking which he told the people that it will cost millions to fix the damage that Sandy has caused, but he assured them that help is coming. Some places on November 28, 2012 still are without power or homes, and it has been over a month. But Obama says that help will be coming, even if it costs millions, that things will be getting better. This is exactly what the Protector of Peace is supposed to do. They calm down the public during times of tragedy, and get help on the way.

I think that President Obama has done a really good job being Protector of the Peace. He has attended tragedies all over the country and has defended our country well. These were just some of the examples that Obama has addressed, and there are many more that he has addressed. The Protector of the Peace is supposed to protect our country and make things better when they are not okay. President Obama has addressed these objectives and has met the requirements of Protector of the Peace.

As A group we give him a B+ overall. We all feel that he did good, but could improve in many places.

Is Obama doing his job well?

President Obama has a lot of jobs, but does he do them well?

Is Obama doing his job too much?

A Chief legislator is not really a difficult job. Obama reads the bills that people come up with after they are passed through congress. This is probably a big deal to a lot of people because people do not want so many laws to follow and feel more restricted while we are living in a “free country”, people do move here for freedom not to be locked down and not be able to do anything that’s why people are getting mad at Obama because he’s taking all the laws and just saying “OK” to everything and thinking that all the laws would be necessary. He as a president should really take things into considers and thinks about what we want and what would be better for our country.

In this photo it  shows Barack Obama at a meeting with Senate Democrats about health care this shows him doing his job as president or in “action” if you want to say. This photo does not show him being in control too much. Although if you look at the way he is acting you can see that he’s standing a little cocky and acting a little more in charge when it should be everyone putting in the effort. It also shows everyone looking up to him and asking him questions, yes he is the president and he is in charge overall but someone shouldn’t have to be “begging.” Everyone does not seem to be pleased with Obama, they seem to be kind of scowling or on the other hand it could just be their serious but my point is Obama seems a little too in charge.

In reading an article that was very opinionated this person thought Obama was too involved in being the Chief of legislator. He states that the president should be a commander in chief not a legislator in chief. He says that, “Obama acts as just passing any old “it” will do the job.”  This article is leaning towards the side that Obama is not being a good chief legislator. It states all the wrong things Obama does.

This video shows Obama holding a cabinet meeting and it shows him doing his job and how i=he does it. By this you can make your own judgment on how he does this part of his job.

As an overall grade for President Obama I give him a B+. My reasoning for giving him a B+ is because he does his job as a Chief Legislator but he does do a little too much. Even though he is the president people have certain jobs for this type of stuff. Other than the article I put in this I read many more that stated he “butted” in too much. Obama is a good president but I agree that he needs to stick to better thing since people can take care of this already. He isn’t doing a well job at this and is just saying every law is okay.

Chief Executive- B-  Hannah Gagnon.

The chief executive is a person that enforces laws, choosing officials for position, the “boss” of millions of government workers. They are mostly like “the boss” that’s like their role, their in-charge of important things because they enforce the laws that we have and there the boss of millions of government workers in united states. That’s probably why their called “The Boss.” So now you know what a chief executive I, good for you.

President Obama is the chief executive of United States. In this article u will see that the chief executive’s numbers have faltered badly in a number of contested states. That’s pretty bad if you tell me, anyways, it is bringing concerns to people that he is dragging on democratic candidates.

In this picture he is talking to the congress about the major changes that will happen this year in our economy.

In this video he talks about how well our economy is doing since Obama became president and haw he brought back America from going down hill

Over all I would give a B- on how well he is as a chief executive. I give him this grade because he did make lots of good changes but sometimes he would make a mistake that’s kind of bad but he changes his mistakes which mean’s he’s a pretty good chief executive for our state. So that’s why I think he deserves this grade.

Commander in Chief Jordan Spencer

The Commander in Chief has a very tough job, he/she has to make tough military decisions and protect our country from other countries. The Commander in Chief makes all the calls in the military weather it’s to attack, defend, or just to retreat the Commander in Chief makes the calls. Obama is trying very hard as the Commander in Chief in this article it shows how Obama is trying to not have a world war 3.

The Commander in Chief has a lot of pressure on him/her because they are the reason that this country has great security and is protected from other countries, because if the Commander in Chief messes up and makes the wrong move then this country could have a serious problem. But Obama seams to know what he is doing as a Commander in Chief according to this video, Obama has done a pretty good job with the war and making sure our country is safe. In this video you can see Obama saluting the fallen soldiers coming back to America.

Overall I give Obama an A as the Commander in Chief because being the Commander in Chief you can see is a very tough job and Obama is actually doing a pretty good job at keeping our country safe and maintaining the war and making sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

As a group, between all the jobs we looked at we give Obama a B average. He does his jobs well but some of them it’s not as good as it should be. He made some mistakes and some errors on his way trying to fix the economy, but he also does his job as best as he can.

Grading the Presisdent

Our group rated Barack Obama to see how he is doing as chief of state, commander in chief, and chief legislator. We all graded him separately on his different jobs and these are the grades we gave him;

Chief of State B- Candace Settle

As chief of state, the president’s job is mainly going to baseball games and throwing the first pitch, giving hardworking students their award, and a lot more but pretty much being the supportive face of the country. Here is Barack Obama speaking at a high school graduation in Joplin, giving hope to the school’s students who lost one graduate and 160 citizens in a tornado . This is some of the many things president does as chief of state.

I feel that Barack Obama does a pretty good job as chief of state. At times I feel like he’s too scripted like a robot but most of the time what he does and what he has to say is supportive and/or inspiring. That, to me, is very important to keep Americans together. For instance; there may be a disaster somewhere with many people in distress. I feel that Barack Obama could bring everyone together and calm everyone in times like these, because of his comforting smile, sense of humor, and he doesn’t try to be above everybody like he could be because of his high position.

I think Obama deserves a B for his position as chief of state, he does well as chief of state but not as well as he could in that position.

Commander and Chief: B – Austin McGonigal

That was a video of President Obama giving his remarks on the helicopter crash in Afghanistan. He talks about his feelings on the crash and what he’s going to do to help the 14 family’s who lost a loved one that horrible day.  He also explains if u didn’t watch the whole thing about how his wife has been going to bases helping people with anything wrong with them they get topnotch hospitals and give them anything they need.

That’s only one of many videos of Obama being a good commander in chief. I give him like a B on being a commander in chief.

Chief legislator: B – Benjamin DeYoung

The president, as chief legislator should pass and/or veto a bill based on its appeal or good nature to the country. If he passes a law that may harm the country or its economy the people of America would surely have him removed from office. In the photo below it shows Mr. Obama signing a healthcare reformation bill.

The president, however may not like or agree on a bill that congress passed. When this happens he could veto the bill and it will not be turned into a law. In the video below it explains how Mr. Obama may veto a bill that has passed congress

Click here for video!!!!

Sometimes Mr. Obama signs a bill and makes it a law but it is not in the people’s best interest. In this article the author expresses how he does not believe that a bill that was signed by Mr. Obama is not in the people’s best interest.

Click here for article!

The president can also pressure congress into passing a law (and no not with his fists). This final article expresses how Obama encourages congress to pass a drought relief bill. This bill would be in the best interest for the American people because it protects farmers from going out of business after natural disasters.

Click here for article!

In terms of the Chief of legislation I would say Obama does an okay job. This is mainly because half the job is easy, all you have to do is sign or not sign bills. The other half however, he has not done very good at, this half is making the best decisions for the people of America. As expressed in the earlier article he has failed at this half but I disagree, I believe while he has made some bad decisions he can still improve and has made good decision alongside the bad.

Protector of the Peace: A-  Isabella Savona

In the eyes of Americans all over the country the Protector of the Peace, being the current president, is a significant job to fulfill. The job of the Protector of the Peace is to look after and protect all of the people of America in times of severe emergencies across the US.  The president must be capable to give federal aid to anyone who may need it, and deploy troops to represent and protect our country.

In the past few days, I have been involved in trying to decipher as to what President Barack Obama does to fulfill the job as the Protector of the Peace. I have been seeking for indication that Barack Obama does his duty efficiently, and correctly. I recently have discovered a few documentaries of Barack Obama discussing about a recent catastrophe and devastation that had hit the east coast boarders of New Jersey and New York, hurricane Sandy.

In this first video I have found, before Sandy has hit. Barack Obama speaks about how hurricane Sandy will be a large and powerful storm. He claims that he has spoken to the governors of all of all the states and says that they have issued emergency declarations. Obama clarifies to everyone that they should listen and take note on what their local officials and state instruct. He is also aiming to get everyone to make sure they know what to do in case of any unexpected emergency. At the end, Obama says, “The great thing about America is when we go through tough times like this, we all pull together.” This video makes Obama seem like a very well prepared, organized, and precautions Protector of the Peace. I give him an A-.

Click Here for video

Chief Executive: C – Lacey Chestnut

I give President Obama a C for his first term in office as President and chief executive of the United States of America.  I base the grade of C on 14 promises he made during the campaign and whether he kept or broke the promises.  If he had kept all of his promises, he would deserve an A.  If he kept none of his promises, it would be an F. To determine if Obama kept his promises I used this article.

Barack Obama

It looks like Obama only kept 4 out of 14 of the promises he made during his 2008 campaign.  They were to cut taxes for 95% of working families, diversification of energy, hire more teachers and invest in early childhood education.

In the other 10 promises, Obama only partially kept or even broke his promise.  These promises include that healthcare premiums will be lower, to protect social security for future generations, ending or dependence on foreign oil, and many others.

Because he kept a few of the promises he made during his campaign, especially at the beginning of his presidency when his party controlled all branches of the government, I can only give Obama a C for his leadership.

We gave Barack an average of B on all his jobs. He is not terrific, but he does an okay job.




The Many Shades Of Obamas Other Duties!!!!

On this day in history we will be the first 8th grade school to give President Barack Obama an A+ – F grade on his jobs. We shall grade him on being a good Chief Executive, Protector of Peace, Chief of party, and Commander in Chief. And also an overall grade all together. Me and my History Website searchers have researched day and night to get the most accurate and the most believable proof. Our first paragraph will be made by Ryan Milliken on Commander in Chief our Second paragraph will be the notoriously great historian Joshua Baskin on chief executive also Zach okeson the most amazing Typer of History on the chief of party And finally Ryan Wietz To finish us off with another his fantastic displays of writing in Protector of peace. Now to Ryan Milliken On Commander in chief


Commander In Chief- By: Ryan Milliken

As a good Commander in chief you must command authority of our nation’s military forces. some things that a CiC has the power to do is Personal Command of Territory Branches of Military control ex. Navy Marines Here is a photo of Obama Discussing strategy of territory in Afghanistan with an Army General David Petraeus Which definitely has to do with being a commander in chief.Here is Obama greeting troops in Afghanistan to talk about the honor to have them as soldiers and about their withdrawal. He also has the sad job of pardoning fallen soldiers. As he does another one of his duties in Commander in Chief  

Overall I think that Obama would be an A as our grade for the commander in chief. Our president is what I think as a great commander in chief and a great role model to our troops. He is very involved in the affairs of the military and also is very in tune with the thoughts of the soldiers. I like also that he is very social as in the sense of all the rallies and meetings he makes in the bases I mean if you look in the news if anything about Obama is on he is usually giving out awards to families of soldiers, VFW’s, And purple hearts to injured soldiers. But Obama is not perfect but that has been in his favor to me because he repairs he has lost and regained the support of our troops. He is probably The 3rd best commander in chief America has ever had the privilege to have. But just think about how far we got with him he brought mothers and fathers home from Iraq he put hope in the eyes of nervous Americans he made peace with rival countries And he is currently still going just think of what we can keep doing in two years from now and I think that if you take my perspective and see the truth you will see the truth

Chief Executive- By: Ryan Wietz

So far Barack Obama has done a pretty good job as our nations Chief Executive. Chief executive is just a fancy Classy way of saying the man in charge. He has been  a chief executive by doing the jobs like making lots Overall I give Barack Obama a B+.  Barack Obama does a great job in telling the people of the united states what he’s doing to help create jobs.

Protector of Peace-By: Josh Baskin

Barack Obama has been out protector of peace for 4 years now and most people do not realize what of a good job he does at being a protector of peace. Although, he has many other jobs he has to work for the part of his job where he has to be the protector of peace, he does an excellent job at it. The protector of peace is pretty much a mixture of a weatherman and a national reporter. To be a good protector of peace you have to warn all the people who are going to be affected in the United States by a storm, or an animal, or a robber that is on the run, or anything that could be a danger to people.Overall, Obama deserves a solid A. I give him this grade because he is consistently doing a great job at keeping his residents of his state safe and calm about disasters, hurricanes, freak accidents, and what not. In conclusion, Barack Obama does a very good job at being a protector of peace.

Chief of Party- By: Zachary Okeson

He helps members of their party to get elected. He makes campaign speeches so he can get re-elected ,so he can stay in office for 4 more years. Obama has fundraising for the party ,the fundraising can make a lot of money ,like 5 million dollar.

In this picture president Obama almost raised 1 million dollar because reelection campaign with mitt Romney ,raising $1 billion for the 2012 election after posting its strongest fundraising month of the year.

Obama should have acted faster when he was first elected. He waited until the republicans controlled the House of Representatives and he could not get his ideas to get through congress.

If I had to grade Obama’s work then I would give him a C ,don’t get me wrong he a great president ,but he does have some flaws. He has some great fundraiser ,I think in in one he about 2 million. Sometime he does not act fast enough and he get his ideas looked at by congress



In conclusion, we gave Barack Obama an overall average of a B+. We did a lot of research on how Barack Obama was doing at his role of chief executive, protector of peace, commander in chief and chief of party. We are proud to have Barak Obama as our nation’s president.

Obama: Pass or Fail?

We learned some of the duties of the president of the United States of America, and then we researched how our current president, President Obama, has been doing with those jobs. We researched how he is doing as Chief of State, Chief of Party, and Chief Diplomat. We found that President Obama was above average in all three of the roles we researched. Overall we gave him an A-. We thought he deserved this overall grade because he did go above and beyond but, we felt that he lacked in a few key spots. Here are the critiques for the Chief of State, the Chief of Party and the Chief Diplomat.

Chief of State – B+                               By: Caitlyn Gresh

The expectation of the chief of state is to be a good role model/example for the U.S.A., and to be the head of the nation.  As chief of state, the president is a “symbolic leader,” says this article.

In this video , Barrack Obama shows a good example of being a chief of state, by throwing the first pitch at the Washington stadium on opening day. This is a good example of him being a chief of state because it shows Obama is participating in national events, aside from doing his other jobs. In my mind you couldn’t have a better preparatory to the opening day baseball, than to have the president standing in the middle of the field, dedicating his time to show up.

Obama showed yet another example of being a good chief of state, in this article. In this article, Obama meets with a young girl who is one of the March of Dimes poster children. This girl is deeply into politics, and by meeting Obama I assume it just made her day (considering she has loved him for many years now.) This is an example of Obama being a worthy chief of state, because it shows him going out of his way to meet the less fortunate, and to put a smile on their face. As the girl he met looks up to him, many other people do too! I imagine him doing this helps his reputation immensely.

Overall, I think that President Barack Obama deserves a B+ for his grade as being the chief of state. I think Obama deserves this grade because he does his job, and he makes sure he does it well. Because of this, many people look up to Obama, as their role model because of some of the things he does. (Holding the Easter egg roll, throwing the first pitch on opening day, etc.) However, I cannot say ALL people look up to Obama as their role model. As you and I have both now seen many wonderful things he has done for the benefit or good of others, he could most definitely do more! (Think of school for this.) Obama has a B+, which is a little above average. However, in order for Obama to get an A, he needs to go above and beyond. I know that he is capable of going above his expectations, it just takes effort! I understand that Obama has other jobs on top of this job, but in order for him to be the best he could be, he would have to give 110% effort rather than just 100%. Any person could look at Obama and say, “Wow, isn’t that great that he honors those people from the military”, or, “ Isn’t it so wonderful that Obama meets those that have disabilities,” but I don’t think many people could look at him and say, “He couldn’t have done a better job as being an example for the everyday person.” I’m not going to sit here and complain and critique Obama, because i know that being president is a hard job. But he took on the challenge/job, so he should complete it.

Chief Diplomat- A                                                                  By: Ally Hill

As president, Obama has to fulfill many roles. One of them is called chief of diplomat that requires the president to manage foreign policies and to decide our country’s position with other countries.  As you can see, this job is fairly important. Today I looked into how well the president does his job.

In this article, Obama brought many troops home from Iraq. Another example is when he killed Osama Bin Laden, the famous terrorist who was responsible for the attack of the twin towers. This was an extremely important event in our history. Obama took charge of this operation and organized it all.

In this paragraph, Obama has recently hosted the international summit on the proliferation of nuclear weapons in 2010.His main goal as to keep the nuclear weapons away from terrorists. He did his best and got the Russians to sign the biggest nuclear arms treaty in a long time.

I give Obama an A. I think Obama does a spectacular job with making sure they take time to work on the relationships with other countries and he realizes how important they are. I think he represents our country extremely well to other great leaders around the world. Barack Obama has maid some major accomplishments, one of them being the nuclear weapon agreement with Russia. The reason I don’t give him an A+ is that Obama hasn’t given Israel as much attention as many other presidents have, which is crucial because our relationship with them is fragile. Overall I think Obama really shines in this area of his job. He works quite hard on making sure that he takes time to work on relationships with many other great leaders in the world and does a great job. Obama might just be one of the greatest Chief of Diplomat that we have ever had.

 Chief of Party – B                                                                              By: Emma Johnson

The duties of the Chief of Party include helping the people of his or her party get elected, re-elected, or appointed into office. He or she should do this by making speeches and fundraising for their party. The Chief of Party is also the leader of their political party. It is their duty to do all that is in their power to help the people in their party. Now, in the following article you will see some of the good things Obama has done and some of the things he could do better on.

Obama has been working hard to get Hillary Clinton elected into his cabinet as his top diplomat. In this article, Clinton talks about how at first, she turned down his offer to the job. She was expecting to be able to relax and get back into the routine of her old life. At first she wanted to stick with her original plan, but Obama “was quite persistent and very persuasive,” said Clinton  Once she reconsidered, she realized that, “when your president asks you to do something for your country, you really need a good reason not to do it,” and “if I had won and I had asked him to please help me serve our country, I would have hoped he would say yes.” So she accepted his offer to be a candidate in his election for his cabinet. Obama succeeded as Chief of Party in getting Hillary Clinton to accept his offer for Chief of State in his cabinet.

Also, in this video it talks about how Obama wouldn’t have let out Clinton’s name as possibly becoming his top diplomat if he didn’t plan on giving her the job. I think that it is very true. I believe that he plans on giving Clinton this job and if also, Obama worked quite hard at getting Clinton to accept his offer. I don’t believe that he would have been so persistent if she wasn’t his top choice.

Although President Obama has done well at getting Hillary Clinton on for his Cabinet, some think that he, “ hasn’t fully embraced his role as party chief” in this article, it tells about how some think that he could possibly be doing a better job. Also, in Obama’s few years he has lost some important seats in the Senate and House of Representatives. There was a total loss of 63 democratic seats lost in the House and 6 seats lost in the Senate. This was worse then of the losses in Jimmy Carters time. Carter only lost 15 seats in the House and 3 in the Senate.

Overall, I thought that Obama did a decent job as Chief of Party and I am giving him a B. I believe that he deserves this grade because although he might not have done the most outstanding job, he’s gotten the job done and did it with a smile. Although this isn’t the most entertaining of the President’s jobs, it is very important to the success of your party. President Obama has done a very good job getting Hillary Clinton to become his Secretary of State. Obama has done an outstanding job at getting Hillary Clinton on as his Secretary of State. At first she turned down his offer, but Obama was persistent and Clinton soon accepted. That is one of the president’s main jobs as Chief of Party. Although he did a great job  getting Clinton into his cabinet, some found he was lacking in helping sustain the seats of the Senate and House. That is one of his duties as Chief of Party. He should be working tirelessly to keep those seats and to get more as well. Obama lost a total of 69 seats in the Senate and House combined. I believe that keeping the seats in the Senate and House is one of the more important jobs as Chief of Party. He is the leader of our country and his job might be a little bit easier if he kept the seats full of Democrats and tried to get more Democrats into Congress. All in all, President Obama is a good man and works hard at making this country a better place. He has done a mediocre job as Chief of Party but there is always room for improvement.

In conclusion, we decided to give President Obama a B+. We thought that he did an exceptional job but, we also felt that he lacked in certain spots. For example, in the category Chief of Party, he lost spots in the senate and the house meaning that some of them went to different parties. Another example is that in the position Chief of Diplomat, he didn’t really make a huge effort in having a great relationship with Israel, which is pretty important because we’ve had some trouble in the past with them. But other than that, President Obama does a fantastic job with these three areas of his job. We feel that he leads our country proudly and does his job pretty well. For example, in the category of Chief of Party, he does a pretty good job with making sure he is there at many important events (throwing the first pitch at the opening day, hosting the Easter festival, etc.) We feel that overall, President Obama does a wonderful job and we are proud to call him our president.