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Tuesday, May 6th

Learning Target: Good Readers can find "reasoned judgement" by looking for statements the author makes that can be argued against.

Bass Reeves Article

Articles for you to Practice With:

Bad Women and the Bandit Queens

The Fate of the Donner Reed Party

California or Bust

Lewis and Clark PBS Adventure Game

Play Game (Lewis and Clark Adventure into the Unknown)

Formative Reading Assessment

Read this article on Thomas Jefferson

Take this Reading "Test" (it is not a grade, your social studies teachers are using your results for planning purposes)


1. Look in your Shared Google Drive. There is a planning sheet/outline you can use during this unit to help you think about forming your answer to the unit test question. "How was the United States able to expand "from sea to shining sea"?

Hmmm, what are your thoughts on the acquisition of Florida? Where will this fit into your paper, and what text evidence have you already found that you can use in your paper??

2. Begin reading from the Texas text set. As you read, note direct text evidence that would support America's acquisition of Texas through war vs treaty. How will this fit into your paper?

3. Complete the video notes and quia "quiz" check on Unit 5 Topic 4 - The Mexican-American War

April 1st - May 6th - Unit 5: A GROWING NATION

Explain how the United States was able to expand "from sea to shining sea" during the 1800's by using treaties, war, and purchasing power.

Videos you will need to view for this unit:

Topic 1: The Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase
Another Video on the Louisiana Purchase
Topic 2: The Seminole War The 1st Seminole War and the The Adams-Onis Treaty
Topic 3: Texas becomes a State Texas becomes a state!
Topic 4: The Mexican American War The Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase and (An Interactive PBS map and history of the Mexican American War)
Topic 5: 54-40 or FIGH! Oregon Territory - 54-40 or FIGHT! and the Oregon Treaty of 1846 What? - The Most Important President No One Remembers?

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